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7 Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

7 Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

The success of your e-mail marketing and advertising campaign is often based on a set of complex elements. Nonetheless, several these problems could be proactively managed to make certain an optimized response. When creating your next email campaign, think about the following guidelines to take your email marketing campaigns to the next level.

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Google AdWords: Understanding Campaign Structure and Setup


If you ‘ve been following along with our blog post series, you’ ve already gone through planning your AdWords strategy, choosing keywords, and landing page best practices. Now that all the strategy and preparation components are complete, it ‘s time to actually get started; we’ ll explain campaign structure and go step-by-step through setting up your first AdWords campaign.
Understanding Campaign Structure
Alright, we know this isn ‘t exactly the most exciting topic, but it’s important to understand the structure of AdWords and the relationship between campaigns, ad groups, and ads before you get started.

Let’ s start with an example,

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The Social Super Bowl Round-up: Top 8 Marketing Campaigns


How many of you tuned into the Super Bowl on Sunday just to watch the ads? We certainly did! The Super Bowl is an exciting event for us marketers because it really showcases some of the best work in our industry. It ‘s expensive to run an ad during the Super Bowl and there are more eyes than ever, so there are always a few great brands that cut through the noise of everyone else. As social media evolves, it plays an ever-increasing important role for Super Bowl viewers, and brands are getting better and better at integrating traditional and digital media.
Here are 8 of the most talked about, viewed, or shared Super Bowl marketing campaigns:
1. Scarlett Johansson’ s Banned SodaStream Ad
Apparently, all SodaStream needed to make their ad

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Google AdWords: Landing Page Best Practices


This is the third blog post in our Google AdWords series. Our first blog post focused on planning your campaign, and the second on choosing keywords. This post will discuss best practices for landing page selection.

Your ad copy may be good enough to inspire a lead to click on it, but what happens

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