Search Engine Optimization

3 Tips for Link Building

3 Tips for Link Building in 2019

So, you’ve recently wrote an unbelievable blog post full of awesome content that’ll keep your audience reading, good stuff! But, why is that post not driving traffic? You have added all the right content you need with great information, infographics, videos, outbound links, and more to get people to read and stay engaged, but your still not getting traffic you expected. *Psst*, have you forgotten link building?

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SEO Audit Before Website Redesign

Skip an SEO Audit, Prepare for Website Redesign Disaster

If you feel like it’s time your site got some new flair, or it’s evolved beyond your initial vision, a website redesign may be in your future. Redesigns can be very exciting – new pictures! new functionality! – but before you jump in, take a step back and understand everything about how your current website performs.

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Check Your Mobile Ranking Readiness | Newfound Marketing

Check Your Site’s Mobile Search Readiness in Less Time Than It Takes to Make Coffee

Is your website rocking it on mobile? Google has been testing serving up different search results on mobile than it does on desktop, which means if your site isn’t killing it there, your site traffic could suffer from lowered rankings. Here are five things you can do to check your site’s mobile-readiness while the coffee

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