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Why You Should Switch to HTTPS

Why Switch to HTTPS
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If your business has a website (and of course it does!) but you haven’t yet switched it to HTTPS, you’re probably missing out on some very important visitor traffic. Unfortunately for you, missed website visitors means missed sales opportunities. Fortunately though, switching your site to HTTPS is a great way to improve your site’s overall …Read More

How to Track Embedded YouTube Views with Google Tag Manager

Track YouTube Engagement in Google Tag Manager
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If you’ve been investing in video content lately, and you should be, you’ll want to find the most ways to use that content. By now, you know that we’re big advocates of making data-based marketing decisions. We love gathering data and using that to guide our strategies. YouTube gives you analytics but did you know that with Google Tag Manager you can track just how people are interacting with the embedded videos on your site?

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Should You DIY Your Website or Hire a Pro?

DIY vs Pro Web Design | NewfoundMarketing.ca
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The design and development of a website is a big business decision. It can be a large cost and time commitment so it’s understandable why free website builders like Wix and Squarespace have become popular. But are they the best decision?

Free drag and drop builders. Templates. Freelance designers. Professional web design companies. Which is the right approach? Should you DIY it or go pro?

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