5 Tips And Features To Improve Your Instagram Stories Game

Instagram Stories Tips and FeaturesInstagram stories are the latest addition to the social media mix. As a result, understanding how to use stories will be pivotal for your social media strategy.

Across both, social media and popular culture the reactions to Instagram Stories were immense. Many directly accused Instagram of copying Snapchat for their iconic stories.

Competition is a good thing, it keeps us progressing. While they are very similar, Instagram Stories are a whole new component of social media. Understanding what they are and how to use them will be crucial in spreading your brand’s influence and engagement.

What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories are a way to display the moments of your day. Whether they are pictures or videos, they appear for 24 hours and can be easily accessed by clicking the user’s profile picture on their profile or on top of your Instagram Feed.

Instagram Stories

How to Create an Instagram Story?

While in your news feed, you can add a story by tapping the + sign in the top left corner or swipe right.

Instagram Stories

Next, your Instagram story camera will display. Then, you’ll have two options

A.) Snap a picture or video on the spot (Front or Back View)

B.) Use a saved image or video as a story

Note: Instagram will automatically crop your saved images (stay tuned for next blog)

Adding an Instagram Story

TIP: Slide your finger down to access your images and videos took within the last 24 hours

Not all Instagram Stories features are easily identified. Here are the Top 5 Must Use Features for Instagram Stories.

1. Navigation in Insta-World. Skip, Pause and Reverse.

Skip: When viewing a story, you can tap middle of the screen to skip onto the next story.

Pause: You can also quickly tap and hold to pause that particular story.

Reverse: Tap the left side of the screen to reverse, while going back to previous story. Eventually, you will see the previous user’s story.Skip, Pause, Reverse

2. Accessing the Colour Board

How to Access the Colour Board: When editing a picture, select one of three markers. Next, you’ll have access to the colour board on Instagram by pressing down on any colour pad

Colour Board Instagram Stories
Colour Board Instagram Stories

3. Unique Text Presentation

While you cannot change the colour of Instagram Stories text, you can certainly create unique font presentation.

Update: As of September 13, 2016 you’re now able to change the colour of your text.

Unique Text

4. Snapchat Filters for Instagram Stories

 From the notorious dog face to the rainbow tongue, Snapchat Filters have been an extremely popular option to engage your followers and potential customers. Despite this, Instagram Stories do not offer the same variety. Therefore, a quick hint is to do the following: Take a Snapchat using the designated filters, save your Snapchat to your camera roll. Now you can access your filtered Snap and use it as an Instagram story


Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories


5. Adding Old Images to Instagram Stories

Image > 24 hours? No Problem, there’s an app for that. 

By default, Instagram Stories only let you access and post images taken within the last 24 hours. However, there is a way to post older photos. All you have to do is open a photo editing application and edit an old image. After this, the old image will appear as if it had just been taken. Thus, making it readily available to add as a story!


That’s 5 Must Use Features for Instagram Stories!

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