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email marketing campaign

How to Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing continues to be one of the best forms of marketing. You may think that social media marketing has taken over, and while it’s growth is evident, email continues to perform well, likely in large part to the fact that over 50% of adults use email worldwide (Radicati). This percentage grows to roughly 85%

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February Hashtags

A Complete List of February Hashtags

Every month has traditional holidays that everyone is going to make a post about. Take a look at this list of hashtags for February to create some content around unique holidays that are related to your brand. As always, have fun with it!   Monthly Hashtags Vegan Cuisine Month #VeganCuisineMonth North American Inclusion Month #NorthAmericanInclusionMonth Continue reading
January Hashtags

A Complete List of January Hashtags

A new year means new opportunities for content inspiration. To capitalize on what people are celebrating or trying to bring more awareness to, take this list of upcoming ‘days’ hashtags to jumpstart your content for 2019. Monthly Hashtags Hot Tea Month #HotTeaMonth Brain Teaser Month #BrainTeaserMonth Hobby Month #HobbyMonth Get a Balanced Life Month #GetABalancedLifeMonth Continue reading