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How to Brainstorm Blog Topics

Blogging For Business: How to Brainstorm Topics

Even the most experienced writers occasionally come up against writer’s block. Sometimes it feels like every topic under the sun has already been written about! The good news is that it’s impossible to run out of blog ideas — you just need to learn how to tap into your inner creativity. Once those creative juices start flowing, you’ll be able to plan out a content schedule for weeks.

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Get Started with Inbound Marketing

Getting Started with Inbound Marketing

Getting started with inbound marketing might seem overwhelming. Nowadays, there is an endless list of possible means by which to promote your company. Inbound marketing refers to a non-intrusive marketing tactic whereby companies produce unique, high-quality content available to any prospective customer… without asking anything of them in return. This tactic establishes your company’s expertise and credibility to prospective customers. Sound confusing? Luckily, your friends at Newfound Marketing have compiled a step-by-step list of how to go about getting started with inbound marketing.

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Introduction to Inbound Marketing

In order to understand Inbound Marketing, you must first understand its opposite. Outbound Marketing refers to the traditional marketing tactic whereby a company actively seeks customers through initiating conversations and relaying specific messages. This includes television/newspaper/radio/online advertisements, cold calling, trade shows, and mail-outs. On the contrary, Inbound Marketing, or Content Marketing, is a less aggressive,

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Inbound Marketing for Small Business |

Why Inbound Marketing is Perfect for Small-Medium Businesses

How do you educate yourself before making a purchase? If you’re like 81% of consumers, you’d look to the internet. Modern technology has allowed customers to be more savvy about the products and services they’re interested in, but many businesses still rely on outbound sales processes – cold telephone calls and emails and the use of traditional media, such as billboards and other forms of non-digital advertising.

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