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3 Tips for Link Building

3 Tips for Link Building in 2019

So, you’ve recently wrote an unbelievable blog post full of awesome content that’ll keep your audience reading, good stuff! But, why is that post not driving traffic? You have added all the right content you need with great information, infographics, videos, outbound links, and more to get people to read and stay engaged, but your still not getting traffic you expected. *Psst*, have you forgotten link building?

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SEO vs SEM - which is better for your business

SEO vs SEM: Which is Better for Your Business?

One of the most incredibly powerful marketing tools on the internet is “search”. Every day millions and millions of searches happen on Google. We bet you got to this article through a Google search didn’t you? The chances are that if you are a local or online business, people will also be searching for your

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Dangers of Ignoring SEO in a Website Redesign

The Dangers of Not Planning for SEO in a Website Redsign

When creating a new website or redesigning an existing one, the top priorities are usually to ensure that the site looks as great as possible, and while a certain amount of flash can excite users, what’s ultimately most important is the product inside the packaging. To prevent having a website that is all glitter and

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SEO Audit Before Website Redesign

Skip an SEO Audit, Prepare for Website Redesign Disaster

If you feel like it’s time your site got some new flair, or it’s evolved beyond your initial vision, a website redesign may be in your future. Redesigns can be very exciting – new pictures! new functionality! – but before you jump in, take a step back and understand everything about how your current website performs.

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