Facebook for Business Training

You understand the value of social media – you’ve already signed up for a Facebook business page. In fact, you’re posting occasionally, and you’ve built up a good number of likes, but you’re not really getting the traction you hoped for. What gives?

We’re here to help. Our training session focuses on taking your Facebook strategy to the next level. How do you build your network? How do you create content people love and want to share? How do you move your fans to become loyal customers and brand advocates? We’ll answer all these questions and more. By sharing our expertise and Facebook best practices, we’ll teach you everything we know about developing a content strategy and implementing tactics to connect with your customers online.

Topics covered include:

  • Planning your Facebook strategy
  • Branding your Page
  • Listening to Your Audience
  • Developing a Content Strategy
  • Building Your Network
  • Promotions and Contests
  • Best Practices and Example Pages
  • Measuring and Reporting: Understanding Facebook Insights
  • Advertising on Facebook: Sponsored Stories, Boosted Posts, Offers, and more



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