Ford Includes Legal Copy to 2013 F-150 Banner Ads

Earlier today while updating one my hobby sites  I had noticed a what I had thought to be an error by someone new to the banner ad space. The ad caught my attention but it was for all the wrong reasons.


Looking a little closer I had realized this was an animated ad which didn’t automatically replay. Curious to know who this ad belonged to, I clicked the closed x button to the lower right and to my surprise I reserved the ad for the “The New 2013 Ford F-150“.


Adding legal copy is nothing new in the automotive space and anyone who still reads the newspaper can tell you. However, as someone who has been in the digital advertising space for quite awhile this is a first for me and I wanted to share it to see if anyone else has seen anything similar in the banner ad space. If you have, please leave a comment below and let me know where and who the advertiser was.

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