Our Service Bundles

A collection of individual service items from our digital agency.

Website | Search Engine Optimization | Paid Media | Social Media | Strategy

Block of Time

5 Hours
The best solution for a set budget. Purcase a 5 hour block of time and use it whenever you need marketing help. Does not expire.
10 Hours
Purcase a 10 hour block and use them whenever you need marketing help. Can be used for any service.
15 Hours
Purcase a 15 hour block and use it when you want. Good for social media, ad management, content creation, and more.

Website Services

WordPress Speed Optimization
Website loading speed is an important factor for ranking highly in Google. We can review your WordPress site and make adjustments to speed it up.
Google Tag Manager Set-Up & Optimization
Google Tag Manager (GTM) allows you to quickly and easily update tags including Facebook pixels for conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and more on your website or mobile app.
Google Analytics Set-Up & Optimization
Having a proper Google Analytics set-up involves more than just creating an account and putting code on your site. We know how to get the most accurate data for you.
WordPress Speed Optimization
Website loading speed is an important factor for ranking highly in Google. We can review your WordPress site and make adjustments to speed it up.
Website “Not Secure” SSL Fix
We’ll fix “Not Secure” issues quickly and efficiently by implementing HTTPS with an SSL certificate.
eCommerce Set-Up
Whether you have an existing website or not, we can get your current store inventory and services available on an online shop with pick-up, local delivery, and shipping options.

Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO Health Check
Increase the quantity of traffic to your site and rank higher on search engines.
Content Bundle
We can provide you with a custom SEO researched and written blog post with accompanying social posts and graphics. Options for single or multiple posts.
Link Building Campaign
Generating valuable, authoritative backlinks to your website can help increase your rank position in search results, leading to more website traffic.
Google My Business Health Check
Need help boosting your Google presence? Help customers find you more easily online.
Website Content Health Check
Review all content your site from calls to action to product descriptions and beyond to optimize for conversions and sales.

Paid Media Services

Google Ads Health Check
Find out how to be on the top of Google search results and optimize your campaigns for success.
Facebook Ads Set-Up & Optimization
Not yet taking advantage of Facebook ads for your business or are you simply boosting posts? Our paid media specialists will set up and optimize a Facebook ad account and strategy.
Google Ads Account Set-Up
Not yet taking advantage of Google search ads? We’ll set up and optimize an account for your business.
Reporting Optimization
Not sure how to inerprete the results of your paid media campaigns? Let us set up campaign reports that are quick and easy to understand.
Facebook Ads Health Check
Our social media specialists will evaluate your current Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns, identify areas of opportunity, and provide strategic insights to connect with your audience more effectively.

Social Media Services

Social Media Audit
Are you posting at the optimal times? Is your content getting the most engagement that it could? We’ll review and help you craft a strategy.
Social Media Strategy
Based on a social media audit, we’ll create a strategic action plan for your ongoing social media activity.
Month of Social Content
We’ll develop a month of well-researched social media content to be scheduled across all of your social media channels.

Digital Marketing Strategy Services

One-hour Strategy Consultation
This 60-minute call is 100% customized to your business’s specialized needs and objectives to help you adjust and pivot strategies nimbly.

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