Website Development and eCommerce for Markland Cottage Winery

Markland Cottage Winery

The Challenge

Rodrigues Winery was rebranding to Markland Cottage Winery and needed a new website to reflect this change. They also wanted to be able to offer their wines and liqueurs for sale online. The site needed to be fully mobile friendly, including the shop.

The Solution

We chose a WordPress / wooCommerce solution for the new Markland Cottage Winery site. The site’s design allows for large photos to show off products, the winery’s location, and staff. A bright and modern colour palette was chosen to compliment the high quality of the products.

The Results

The staff of the award winning Markland Cottage Winery are now about to take orders for their wines and liqueurs from anywhere in the world. Without our training session, they are now able to edit their site’s content to keep it up to date and expand as needed. Visitors can also book a tour and tasting in advance to secure their place during a visit.

Looking for a New Website?

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