Website Development for MotherEarth Building Designs

The Challenge

Joy needed a website for her Newfoundland-based fengshui business. Since many people don’t understand the difference between New Age fengshui and classical fengshui, a responsive web design would need to educate as well as inform potential customers about her services.

The Solution

We designed a responsive website built on WordPress that put the question “What is real fengshui?” front and centre. Contact forms on all pages make it easy for people ask questions. We also provided a blog space so that Joy can continue to inform and educate. To entice visitors to join the MotherEarth Fengshui mailing list, we added a downloadable sample reported behind an email pop-up.

The Results

Joy is able to move full-steam ahead with her business knowing that her website is helping her spread the word about classical versus new age fengshui in Newfoundland and beyond, as well as generating new business leads. Using WordPress, she is able to easily edit and add content and new blog posts, keeping her site fresh and informative.