Web Design & Development for Waterford River Valley Campground

Waterford River Valley Campground

The Challenge

We were approached by a group with a great new business: a luxury eco-conscious campground in Mount Pearl. The challenge beyond launching a new business was that the campground is located in an area of town not typically associated with nature and camping. It was a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

We knew the website needed to be solid from an SEO perspective so that they would easily be found by those looking for camping vacations in Newfoundland. Mobile friendly was a must. We also knew it needed to be easily updated and focus on the natural setting of the lots.

The Solution

We knew the site needed to focus on the nature surrounding the campsite and how it’s an unexpected find in the area as well as highlighting their eco-conscious choices. We used drone footage of the river that flows through the location to highlight how close you are to nature when you camp at the Waterford River Valley Campground.

We researched booking solutions that would work for their various types of lots and potential service add-ons and recommended one that will easily integrate with the new WordPress site we’ve built.

We chose WordPress for their website due to its flexibility and ease of use for the Waterford River Valley Campground team. They will be able to add photos, additional content, and edit existing content without needing to know any special code. With plans for the site to grow and evolve over time, we’re confident we’ve set Waterford River Valley Campground up with a solution that will grow with their business.


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