Web Design & Development for Frontline Action

Frontline Action is Newfoundland and Labrador’s one-stop for action. Low Impact and Standard Paintball, Gellyball, Airsoft, iCombat, Nerf, Bouncy Castles, and Laser Tag are their specialties.

The Challenge

Frontline Action is more than just paintball. In fact, the very large number of their services was the main challenge we faced when creating a new website. We knew we needed to structure their site navigation to find that user experience balance between long menus and too many levels of pages.

The Solution

We created a new website using WordPress that has a bold, bright look and feel to match the excitement of their business. We grouped their services into three main categories to keep things simple: indoor, outdoor, and rentals, while pulling out special events like summer camps and parties to their own pages. This keeps the visitor from being overwhelmed by choices.


Looking for a New Website?

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