Customized Website Audit


What’s Included

  • A personalized, detailed website audit report with actionable tasks from the Newfound SEO, web, and conversion experts. (valued at $475)
  • A full checklist of one time, weekly, and monthly web maintenance tasks (valued at $150)
  • A recommended monthly calendar to follow (valued at $45)
  • DIY Web Toolbox – peek at our favourite web tools (valued at $45)
  • The Beginner’s Guide to SEO for WordPress eBook (valued at $95)
  • Google Analytics Guide to the Perfect Setup (valued at $95)


If you really want to kick your site up a notch and see how it can best serve your business and keep getting more leads and sales, we can set you up with a custom audit.

We’ll have our website, SEO, and conversion experts go over your site with a fine-toothed comb and make personalized recommendations. We’ll uncover all the ways your #1 marketing asset (your website!) can be improved to make it really work so much better for your business.

  • Uncover hidden roadblocks and problem areas
  • Learn why your inquiries are low
  • Get objective feedback on your branding visuals
  • Find out if mobile visitors can even use your site
  • Find out if the content you work hard to create is even effective

We look at everything on your site to get a complete picture of how it’s working for you.

We’ll deliver your audit results to you in a detailed Google doc that you can comment on, ask questions about and get clarification on our findings.


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