Inbound Marketing

Bait without Badger – that’s the Inbound Marketing way

An effective Inbound Marketing campaign enables your company to be helpful and accessible without being interruptive or overwhelming.

Inbound Marketing facilitates the building of online relationships with potential customers by providing them with free, high-quality content – over time, this will establish trust, credibility, and brand awareness. In turn, when these consumers need to avail of a service, your company will come to mind first.

How Inbound Marketing works

  1. Create unique, quality content that will aid prospective customers with day-to-day issues
  2. Attract website traffic, followers, and thus, leads
  3. Build positive relationships with these consumers, causing them to remember your company as credible and trustworthy
  4. Close deals
  5. Impress these customers so that they leave positive reviews and recommendations

How can you benefit from an Inbound Marketing Campaign?

Increase website traffic

By creating quality content that will help everyday consumers, your website, naturally, will attract more visitors. This will increase both your brand awareness and apparent credibility.

Save money in advertising costs

Inbound marketing showcases your company’s expertise – creating a website or social media postings is inexpensive (or even costless), and pre-existing employees are able to generate this content. Inbound marketing costs a fraction of the price of outbound marketing.

Generate quality leads

Because inbound marketing brings in only those with an interest in your areas of expertise, you are more likely to generate clientele. By producing free, high-quality content, you will gain social media, blog, and email update followers who you would not have connected with before. The more people who sign up to follow these outlets, the more people you will be able to reach out to personally.

At Newfound Marketing, we work you and your business to develop an Inbound Marketing strategy that maximizes results while staying within any given budget.



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