Website Audit Service

Find out if your website is working for or against you

2022/05/31 09:29:03
Is your website working hard for your business?

Or does it feel like a time and money pit that isn’t delivering the results you want?

If you really want to kick your site up a notch and see how it can best serve your business and keep getting more leads and sales, have us look under the hood with a custom audit.

We’ll have our website, SEO, and conversion experts go over your site with a fine-toothed comb and make personalized recommendations. We’ll uncover all the ways your #1 marketing asset (your website!) can be improved to make it really work so much better for your business.

  • Uncover hidden roadblocks and problem areas
  • Learn why your inquiries are low
  • Get objective feedback on your branding visuals
  • Find out if mobile visitors can even use your site
  • Find out if the content you work hard to create is even effective

We look at everything on your site to get a complete picture of how it’s working for you.

We’ll deliver your audit results to you in a detailed PDF that you can print, comment on, ask questions about and get clarification on our findings.

What You Get

  • A personalized, detailed website audit report with actionable tasks from the Newfound SEO, web, and conversion experts. (valued at $475)

Act now and we’ll also bundle up these amazing marketing bonus resources for you.

  • BONUS: A full checklist of one time, weekly, and monthly web maintenance tasks (valued at $150)
  • BONUS: A recommended monthly calendar to follow (valued at $45)
  • BONUS: DIY Web Toolbox – peek at our favourite web tools (valued at $45)
  • BONUS: The Beginner’s Guide to SEO for WordPress eBook (valued at $95)
  • BONUS: Google Analytics Guide to the Perfect Setup (valued at $95)
The total value for The Full Web Audit + Bonuses is $905.

However, for a limited time, we’re pricing this offer at only $189 CAD.


Because we like you! Seriously, website functionality, accessibility, and maintenance are necessities for all businesses – big and small – and we want to make sure having an effective sales website feels attainable to YOU!

Every audit report includes:

Performance Check

Performance Evaluation

We’ll test your site on desktop and mobile and find out how quickly (or slowly) it loads and how those load times are affecting your SEO and user experience. We’ll compile a list of items that can be improved upon.


SEO Evaluation

We’ll run a baseline check to see what keywords you’re currently ranking for, your positions and if they align with your business goals. We’ll also do a sitewide check for common SEO ranking factors like meta descriptions, alt tags, and more.


Analytics Check

We’ll review your current Google Analytics setup and make recommendations for advanced tracking and optimization. We can also review your recent site traffic to see how your visitors are interacting with your website.

Hosting Check

Hosting Evaluation

Your choice of web host can make a big difference in the performance of your website. The same site in two different environments can act very differently. Not all hosts are created equal so we’ll evaluate yours for speed and reliability.

Mobile Friendliness

Mobile-Friendliness Check

The majority of website traffic today is coming from mobile devices so it’s important to have your site optimized for them. Is the text readable? Are buttons big enough to click? Is the site loading quickly over data? We’ll test it all.

Functionality Check

Functionality Check

Does the stuff on your website even work? Are your forms going to the right people? Are there broken links? We’ll do a thorough walkthrough and kick all the tires to ensure everything is in tip top shape.

Content Check

Content Evaluation

Beyond speed and functionality, what is your content saying to your visitors? Are you using a single brand voice? Is your content clear and persuasive? Does it answer questions potential customers may have? We’ll review it all.

Call to Action Check

CTA Evaluation

Calls to Action (CTA) are important on any website. Are you actively leading site visitors through your sales funnel or are they left to their own devices? We’ll review and make our recommendations to get your more leads and sales.

We go beyond a simple SEO audit and will evaluate your website as a comprehensive marketing tool.

Your report will include a detailed list of actionable items we discovered that will make your website more valuable to your business. You can take this report and work on it yourself, but if you prefer to hand it over to the professionals and spend your time elsewhere in your business, we’re here!

After your audit, we can provide you with a no-obligation proposal including the cost to tackle everything in our report.