Gerry Carew

Director of Business Development

Gerry graduated from Memorial University business school in 1993 paying his way by shooting wedding videos on the weekends and delivering them on VHS tapes. (does anyone remember that?) Times have thankfully progressed and video is now delivered on a tiny USB or simply uploaded to the cloud.

Gerry has been enthusiastically involved in advertising since 1994 when he started selling radio for the VOCM network. In 1996 he moved into the print advertising world and in 1999 Gerry became the first digital sales representative in St. John’s selling ad space on the daily newspaper website The Telegram. In 2009 his digital sales role expanded to include the entire province of Newfoundland and eventually parts of Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. In 2018 Gerry took a detour out of traditional media into the automotive industry as sales manager and helped to significantly grow the Mazda brand in St. John’s. In August of 2020, the business development opportunity with Newfound Marketing presented itself and Gerry has come back to his first love digital advertising.

Gerry is active in his community having served as chair of the board of the local YMCA at a time of significant change culminating in the move to the beautiful building on Ridge Road in St. John’s. Gerry is an avid golfer in the summer (still trying to break 80) and ice hockey player in the winter. Gerry lives in St. John’s with his wife Kellie and two boys Spencer and Sebastian.