Your website is important to your business. Many times, it’s the first “face” a potential customer sees, so you want to make sure that it makes a good first impression and sets that potential customer on a path to becoming a happy, loyal customer. You put in the work to build a great site but that was a few years ago and even with proper care and maintenance, it’s starting to show its age. Undertaking a website redesign can be daunting so the process maybe gets delayed and put off. How do you know if you really need to redesign your website?

We never want to redesign just for redesign’s sake – we want to do it to improve your digital outcomes and make your website your company’s MVP. So we’ve compiled a list for you of signs that your website needs more than a few tweaks and should be redesigned this year. If you nod along to these, you may want to give us a call.

1. It’s not mobile-friendly

How much of your traffic comes from mobile devices? You do have Google Analytics installed right? Mobile traffic is quickly taking over from desktop and your website had better keep up. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly – you have to pinch and zoom, click targets are tiny, font is too small, etc. – than you’re not only going to be harder to find in search, but people who end up on your site on their iPhones won’t have a very good experience. Having a mobile-friendly site is no longer an option in 2019, it’s a necessity.

2. It doesn’t align with your brand

Has your brand evolved since your last website was built? Does your current site match the aesthetic and personality of your company? You can’t be an approachable, modern company if your website is formal and old-fashioned. Maybe your company has changed its niche or pivoted since your last build. Does your current site reflect that? If your website doesn’t accurately reflect your company, it’s time for a redesign.

3. You’re not attracting the right customers

You’ve got Analytics installed and you know that your website is bringing in traffic. Yay! But is it the right traffic? Are those visitors turning into qualified leads? If you find that you’re getting unrelated or unwanted queries you may want to have a hard look at your content. Does your site accurately state your products and services? Does it answer customers questions before they ask them? Is it possible for someone to misunderstand your offerings? Overall, it’s more important for your business to have 50 of the right visitors to your website than 500 of the wrong ones.

4. You’re losing customers to your competitors

When people are researching companies when deciding who to do business with, websites have a large impact. Often, it can be hard to pick a single reason why your customers may be choosing your competitor over you. Maybe your competitors have a more active social media presence, more traffic via paid advertising campaigns, or have higher-quality marketing messages that resonate with your audience. Not having an optimized website can be a game changer if your competitors seem like they’re a more reputable company with a better product. Take a hard look at your website, on desktop and mobile, and at those of your competitors. How do you stack up?

5. You spend too much time fixing things

Over time, a website that once worked well may start to frustrate you. Content gets out of date, plugins stop being supported, the site becomes sluggish. If you’re spending more time fighting with your website instead of providing value to your customers than it might be time to consider a redesign. A poorly designed website is harmful not only to your customers, but the team that maintains it as well.

At Newfound Marketing, our goal is to help your business grow its online presence through social media and online advertising. We take care of the whole web design process – from SEO research, to designing and custom-coding your website. If any of the above points resonated with you, contact us for a free website audit today!